This is a Deltarune (Undertale like) fan battle where you fight Kirby during the fun gang travel to Dreamland

Control :

-Z to continue / X to cancel

To move the heart use the directional keys

Hard Mode:

Harder attack. You take more damage. Less ITEM at the beginning. You gain less TP by using the DEFEND action.

Music :

-Menu :  "Main Menu",  Kirby Triple Deluxe

-Battle_intro:  "Rude Buster",  Deltarune

-Battle:  "Bouncing Boss Battle",  Kirby Triple Deluxe

-Battle_intro_retro:  "Rude Buster (8-Bit Remix)", Tater-Tot Tunes

-Battle_retro:  "Bouncing Boss Battle (8-BIT)", Tater-Tot Tunes

Credit :

Cover art : Abel Graux

Tester: Zeelu2005, PikaCrafter20, yrsdy, Balthazar Puget 

Game made by Dorian Sanjivy

Updated 15 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreAction, Role Playing
Made withConstruct
Tagschapter, Construct 2, deltarune, dreamland, Fangame, kirby, Pixel Art, storygame, Undertale
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Very nice !!

thanks ;)

really nice game.

This is a really sick fan battle! I love the creativity of the different copy ability attacks, they're all really fun to dodge.

Also, the replicated battle system is super solid, so good job on that (would be interested in knowing what engine you used, btw)

I think this mod would definitely benefit a lot from having the slowdown-soul feature, especially for the trickier to dodge attacks. (if you don't know, in deltarune you can hold down X to move the soul at 50% speed. I only found out that feature really recently lmao). It also feels a bit like diagonal movement is faster than moving on just one axis, so if you haven't normalised the movement velocity it might be worth doing so to get a smoother movement feel.

Overall though, I really like this fangame. Looking forward to see what else you make dude.

Fair point I will change this soon ;)

I've made the x fix but I don't want to normalise the mouvement since it's maybe impossible to evade some attack without it :(


I found a Bug where, when the MERCY is at 80%, one of Ralsei's Dialogue Face Talking Sprites was placed Below the Party's health bars and would not dissapear, i had to restart the game and was quite a bit upset.

I'm sorry to learn that... I mean I never experienced thid bug can you explain to me what happend before it?

Cool fight but there was a glitch i found where susise was my last party member and she died right as the attack ended upping her and ralsei even tho ralsei was at -33 hp when susie died It would just start the next attack cause sense ralsei was up it wouldn't count her as dead but she had negative hp meaning she could not do anything and i was invincible sense all my party memebers were dead 10/10

So if I understand well : susie die and ralsei get up right after. After this ralsei was in negative hp but still up ?

I could have explained it better so kris and ralsei were dead before the attack susie was alive go t hit at thr final attack being able to kill susie and somehow even tho ralsei was at -32 hp they were uped but still dead yet kirs was not

(1 edit)

Should have been fix now, thanks for the feedback ;) Undertale